Da Wing Trading LLC offers a selection of products to free up counter space and make sure items are in their place in the kitchen:

Microwave hoods

Most brand-new kitchens don’t include a microwave, and the appliance is usually bought as an afterthought and set up on the counter near the closest electrical outlet, which may not be the most convenient place. Not only does a microwave take up valuable work space on the countertop, it may also look awkward and out-of-place.


Before the invention of the microwave hood combo, most kitchens weren’t designed with a microwave in mind. Now, microwave hoods are the new appliance to include in your kitchen. However, they are not the easiest items to install or replace if they break. If you plan to go with the simple range hood in your kitchen design, but also plan to have a separate microwave, a microwave wall cabinet designed to hold the product will clear up much needed counter space.


Wine racks

Wine racks are a great aesthetic addon to any kitchen. They break up the utilitarian look of having an army of cabinet doors on your wall. Also, if you cook with wine or serve it often, wine racks are the way to go. While they don’t offer the ideal climate-controlled storage that high-end wine coolers or cellars do, wine racks provide quick and easy access to your bottles.

Plate rack cabinets

Do you have a lot of dishes? Tired of getting them out of your wall cabinets in a stack? A Plate rack cabinet may be the solution for your kitchen. It will relieve the struggles of having to pull out the entire stack from a wall cabinet or reach for the top plate in a stack.


If you store dishes in your countertop dish rack, plate rack cabinets will allow you to free up valuable counter space and give a more open look to your kitchen.

Plate rack cabinets enable easy access to your everyday plates. A plate rack has individual slots that will store plates vertically. The slots allows you to grab plates and put them away with ease. A great place for this cabinet in your kitchen design is either above your sink or next to it. All your plates can be dried and put in their own place as you wash and dry them.

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