When your dog or cat can sit and stay, it’s a good thing. When your pet’s stains sit and stay, however, it’s a bad thing. And we all know that with pets, accidents can happen.

But keep your tail wagging, because you’re in luck — there’s a solution for both new and stubborn stains. UrineFree™ spray eradicates urine particles — not just covers them up — on a variety of surfaces such as carpet, wood and mattresses. Its bio-enzymes go to work permanently removing the stain by penetrating and consuming the non-soluble uric acid crystals that hold the odor and stain.


The UrineFree™ formula is designed for both homeowners and professionals to use in litter trays, kennels and furnishings indoor and out. The spray is available in ready-to-use sizes from travelsized to 1 gallon.

Since it works using enzymes, it’s natural and safe for pets and your family. In fact, it’s “purrrrfect.”

For more information on this product, call Pacific Environmental at 848-0513. — Rachel Breit