Your home is your haven and refuge from a noise-filled world. When you pull into your driveway, how does the exterior of your home make you feel? Is it inviting? Or do you shudder at the thought of a weekend full of housework?

The exterior of your home gives you a first impression, which not only sets the tone for its indoor feel, but also contributes to the long-term value. Few investments are greater than homeownership, and there are upgrades you can do to not only increase your home’s value, but create lasting comfort and efficiency as well. This will make it feel like an inviting place, and that feeling begins from the outside.

Give your home a fresh look with new siding. The benefits are plentiful and the rewards are ongoing. It is an upgrade that will protect your home year-round, while providing you with efficiency your budget will love. Here are some more benefits:

• Easy maintenance. The acrylic, vinyl Craneboard® siding from Exterior Portfolio looks like wood, but won’t weather or attract pests. It doesn’t need to be painted and can simply be sprayed with a hose if needed. With outdoor siding, you will immediately feel your chore list get a little lighter without the need for constant upkeep.

• Curb appeal. Make your home a beautiful sight. Craneboard® siding creates the “wow” factor by offering a fresh facelift, making your home look new again. Thanks to its maintenance-easy existence, it will look like new for many years to come.

• Energy efficiency. Insulated Craneboard® siding backing helps keep your home cool when the temperature increases, and comfortable when it drops. The moisture management system doesn’t trap water and allows it to evaporate so your home can breathe easy, which is a must in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

• Durability. Exterior Portfolio’s Craneboard® siding protects your home from the elements, whether it is a wind gust of up to 200 mph or rambunctious kids playing ball. Its insulating properties are not only energy-efficient, sound-proof and impact-resistant, but they also help keep all those things that go “thump” during the day or night quiet.

• Warranty. Before committing to a home improvement project, make sure you understand the warranty. Windows Hawaii guarantees the installation over the lifetime of your home, and the manufacturer warranties the product being installed on your home.

Siding is a worthy investment, whether you plan to stay in your home and desire comfort and efficiency, or are looking to sell and want it to stand out. Windows Hawaii offers top-quality brands, is backed by more than five years of experience in Hawaii, and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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