For many Ewa residents staying comfortable from the constant heat requires air conditioning units that run for hours and hours throughout the day. While homeowners benefit from the instant relief of a cool and comfortable home, they end up even more hot around the collar when they receive their electric bill at the end of the month. RevoluSun has a solution with affordable residential PV systems.


“We have been working with Ewa homeowners for years and installed hundreds of PV systems in the Ewa Beach community,” said Eric Carlson of RevoluSun. “Many of our customers tell their neighbors about their experience with us and we end up installing a number of systems on one street.”

William Wright of Ewa Beach has experienced the benefits of solar in his sunny region of Oahu. “We have been up and running since April,” he says. “It’s such a great feeling to not have those high electric bills coming in anymore.” Robert Hardwick of Ewa Beach was impressed with his technician’s skills: “He removed a bird’s nest that we did not know about. It’s very impressive to know that they go over and beyond to look out for their customers.”


Because of the high amount of sun exposure on the Ewa side, it can mean fewer panels are needed for optimum energy generation, according to Puna Apio, RevoluSun project developer. “Less panels means a lot lower installation cost. I believe many homeowners would be surprised at how affordable solar PV with RevoluSun is.”

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