Studies confirm that the wealthy are wealthy for a reason: Not only do they grab every opportunity, but they know when to take risks as well.


Mr. Jones is a successful Honolulu broker whose livelihood revolves around helping others gain wealth. Though he generates more income than most, he’s not immune to the rising cost of electricity. He can afford the finest things in life, including the most expensive PV system, but wisely invested his money in Solar Frontier CIS panels, which are 100 percent made and manufactured in Japan.


“I travel to Japan often and know firsthand about their quality standards,” said Jones. “Solar Frontier, being part of a huge global company like Shell, speaks volumes. With China flooding the PV market with cheap panels and American companies selling Chinese panels under the guise of ‘U.S.-made’ ones, I was quite nervous when shopping for PV for my home.”

Jones encouraged his clientele to install PV as an “addition to their investment folder.” As a homeowner, he realizes the long-term value of PV. “I liked the fact that Risource Energy took a risk on integrating with second generation PV modules and I now refer them to everyone!”


When it comes to a home’s market value, appearance is key. The CIS modules have a smooth, black exterior and are a popular selection world-wide among architects and property owners because of their attractiveness. The modules gain high yields in hot locations due to the excellent temperature co-efficient.


“I know I got the best buy available on the current PV market … the Risource Energy design philosophy and CIS panels will add aesthetic value to any property. Black is timeless; it never goes out of style.

“A four-year investment that increases your home’s resale value, is aesthetically pleasing, stimulates the local economy, lowers your carbon footprint and provides free electricity — that’s what I call an excellent Return on investment!” remarked Jones.


If you value the aesthetics of your home and want an excellent return on your solar investment, call Risource Energy at 843-8100.

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