In addition to being a solar company, Pacific Islands Construction is a general and roofing contractor, which makes it better able to install and maintain your solar system. Pacific Islands Solar is a division of the company that takes the approach that doing what is right for the customer is what is best for the company.

Pacific Islands Solar looks at the products that can be used and only uses what is determined to be the best. It keeps abreast of the latest issues and is prepared to provide prospective buyers with information that makes them informed buyers.


There are many issues regarding the solar industry that the consumer should understand before he or she makes an investment in a photovoltaic (PV) system. As a customer or prospective buyer, having a company that provides the greatest value and service is important when there are so many options. The following information is provided to help educate you to know if you’re getting a great deal or not.

Product bankability is a new buzz word in the solar industry that customers consider because of the large expenditure and/or potential risk these projects expose investors or buyers to. Initially the evaluation focused on the financial strength of the manufacturer and the long-term value there is for warranties, etc. Bankability has taken on another value, as product quality is being considered because of a rising number of product defects. Since long-term service life is considered in the valuation and product defects need to be avoided, bankability considers both the financial strength of the manufacturer and also its ability to provide proven product quality.

The industry has become enamored with “cost per watt” and the downward spiral in prices. Solar modules are being sold as if they are all equal or just a commodity. Experts are warning that the fallout from the price-per-watt mentality has manufacturers using inferior components to get to these price points and the consumer will have purchased equipment with a short life expectancy in the long run.

The consolidation of the PV module manufacturing industry continues with bankruptcies of manufacturer’s factories such as Suntech, once the largest solar companies in the world, and a warning by the Chinese government advising banks not to loan money to Chinese solar manufacturers because of the credit risk.


The crisis in the solar manufacturing business affects consumers when the long term warranties they believe in are no longer valid, and when quality issues arise as manufacturers who are losing money place more value on trying to stay in business and less on the quality of their products. The financial health of the manufacturer of the solar equipment is a major concern for Pacific Islands Solar and it believes that its customers should only be provided with solutions from financially sound sources.

Pacific Islands Solar believes that a company like Kyocera, a Japanese company that has been manufacturing solar modules for more than 37 years and is diversified in its industries, is the best choices for solar modules. Kyocera is among the select few solar manufactures that are profitable. These modules are not known to fail and aren’t returned because of failure. Modules that were manufactured more than 25 years ago are still producing more than 90 percent of their original rated output. No other company in the industry can match Kyocera’s performance, and new testing standards confirm that Kyocera’s quality excels in the stringent testing others are failing in.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a PV system. Price is often a reflection of poor installation practices and using lower quality manufacturers who will not be in business in the future. Pacific Islands Solar feels that it is our responsibility to provide what is right for its customers, not what is the cheapest thing that can be installed. Pacific Islands Solar can be reached by calling 841-7756 if you are interested in discussing your PV needs. You can also visit or email

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