There are some things that people appreciate when looking for quality service, but are hard to put into words. When it comes to finding a qualified roofer, you want a company that understands promises and a shared understanding of what is expected, what is the right thing to do and what you can rely on.

Clifford Murakami, founder of Murakami’s Roofing, passed down the values that create the foundation of the Murakami’s Roofing Promise to his son, Clinton.


Honesty, respect and being considerate make up the backbone of the promise, and each of the company’s crew members recommits to these values every day, helping them to build strong, sturdy roofs to protect families and their property.

Here are the standards that make up Murakami’s Roofing Promise:


• Treating others like you would your own family

• Being fair and honest

• Completing a job to the customer’s satisfaction because it’s the right thing to do

• Offering a free roof inspection and estimate by a professional roofing expert, because hidden surprises are not the way to do business

• Offering a lifetime roof inspection, which assures that the business relationship will last a long time


• Providing the best product for your budget and honestly presenting the risks and rewards of not repairing, repairing and re-roofing

• Thinking ahead and designing a roofing job to assist in problem situations (e.g. a rain gutter dumping water onto another part of the roof, which causes future issues)


• Going up on the roof with ladders, safety harnesses and the right shoes and protective gear are things Murakami’s crew members do every day. The rooftop is not a place for rubber slippers or wandering near the edge.

• Not complaining is an important part of being respectful and considerate. There are no excuses for a job not done well.

• Being enthusiastic, as Murakami’s Roofing crew enjoys working with people and understands what goes into a strong, sturdy roof


After all, the roof protects your family, yourself and what you have worked for in life. Murakami’s Roofing works hard so that you can share that with the next generation of your family, too.

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