When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen and bathroom, accountability and efficiency are paramount. Interior Design & Custom Cabinets offers an array of services uniquely tailored to provide every home with a personalized finish. In addition to custom-built cabinets, the company also provides fabrication and installation services for countertops, tile and flooring.


As a business with local roots, Interior Design & Custom Cabinets recognizes the value of supporting Hawaii-manufactured materials. “Everything we use is built on this beautiful island,” said Duncan Graham, manager of Interior Design & Custom Cabinets. “It allows for quality control and helps keep prices reasonable.”

To initiate a project, the process is simple. Customers are invited to call and arrange an estimate in which a team of qualified engineers will take measurements. Designers will then work with the homeowner to create a blueprint and select materials, styles and finishes.

Once Interior Design & Custom Cabinets has confirmed the necessary details, the team will assist in obtaining any required building permits as well as perform the installation if needed. “We can work with any contractor or be our own,” said Graham. “Regardless of what stage the customer is at, we are capable of doing the job from start to finish.”


Since opening last fall, Interior Design & Custom Cabinets has succeeded in rising above the competition in part because of its dedication to quality materials. “These days, a lot of companies get their products from questionable sources,” said Graham. “One homeowner I encountered tried to wipe a pen mark off her cabinet she had just installed with another company, but she ended up peeling off the finish as well.”


To prevent against such situations, Interior Design & Custom Cabinets uses a 3/4-inch plywood with a furniture-grade paint finish designed to handle wear and tear in addition to looking nice. “We offer a cost-effective alternative to poorly made cabinets,” said Graham.

Interior Design & Custom Cabinets is able to work with any budget and spatial limitations. “At the end of the day, we are here to satisfy the customer,” said Graham. “We guarantee high-quality service and results at a reasonable price.”


Rather than having to fit a standard size, designers possess the leeway to customize the cabinets down to the exact inch the customer needs them to be. Furthermore, whereas most companies cannot accommodate last-minute changes to an order, Interior Design & Custom Cabinets is able to facilitate any alterations. “Since we are on the island and manufacture everything right here in our shop, we are flexible and can fit anyone’s needs,” explained Graham.

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