This month, Tenibac Kitchen Cabinets is featuring its own Tradewind Cabinet line with more space inside the cabinets! What would you do with more space? With up to 40 percent more drawer space and an inch more of depth in every wall cabinet, Tradewind Cabinets literally have more space.

Tradewind Cabinets is an innovative line of cabinetry that brings the highest level of function and beauty to the hardest-working rooms in the home. With an amazing array of door styles just for Hawaii, long-lasting materials and a smart, streamlined approach to construction, Tradewind provides more interior space and storage without compromising strength. It’s the look you want with the space your family needs.

With more room in every wall cabinet, you literally have a place for everything, including your entire stemware collection, large dinner plates and serving bowls that don’t fit into 12 inch deep traditional framed cabinets. Also with Tradewind, you can store more in every drawer with more space inside for graters, ladles and other odd-sized utensils. And Tradewind Cabinets‘ everyday storage solutions fit your family’s unique storage needs.



Here are some benefits to choosing Tradewind Cabinets:

• Deeper wall cabinets for more upper storage to easily store oversized items. • Up to 40 percent more drawer space with a deeper and wider drawer for storing more items. • Hundreds of organizational options to tailor your cabinets to your needs • The look you want: traditional, transitional or contemporary designs • Built to last with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Tradewind Cabinets are not just beautiful, they are beautifully made. From the materials used to their precise fit and solid construction, quality shines through in every detail from corner to corner, inside and out.

Tradewind Cabinets feature stronger, better construction. The cabinets are:


Stronger. Cabinet walls, tops and bottoms are made from 3/4 inch maple plywood material, making them 33 percent thicker and stronger than the 1/2 inch materials used for most traditional framed cabinets.

Durable. Thicker, stronger materials throughout the entire cabinet mean that Tradewind Cabinets are more durable than traditional framed cabinets where the structural integrity is based on the front frame.

Precise. Fully-captured 1/4 inch back ensures each cabinet is built perfectly square.

This assures a strong connection between cabinets and prevents potential flex you can get with traditional framed construction.


Tenibac Kitchen Cabinets offers more than 200 door styles in a wide range of materials and finishes. Choose from wood, premium wood veneer, metal, thermofoil or acrylic options. From color to grain pattern and ease-of-cleaning, each material and species features unique characteristics.. Remember that the company is “Fusing Custom Cabinets with Affordability.”

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address // 746 Ilaniwai St. #100