With literally hundreds of solar companies to choose from, it’s very difficult to find a solar company that you can trust, let alone get a fair deal from. Oftentimes when you call these companies, they will try to persuade you with slick sales tactics and negotiations.

Look no further than Akamai Energy to make it easy and affordable to go green with photovoltaic solar energy. The company has earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii, so you know that it’s a company you can trust for all your photovoltaic solar needs.



A simple phone call sets you up with a friendly Akamai Energy representative, who will handle a short 30-minute on-site survey of your home and review your electrical needs.

If you’re tired of dealing with salespeople, no problem. Akamai Energy understands and values your time, and with a little information and help from the homeowner, a quote can be given right over the phone or via email.

“We make it very easy for our customers,” said Richie Aqui, Akamai Energy’s managing director. “Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. There’s never an obligation to purchase. The estimate is free and we’ll offer you a great price on your first phone call or visit with us. We have a highly experienced electrical and racking team to give our customers the peace of mind that we will install your system as we would on our own home.”


To help expedite any financing needs, Akamai Energy has teamed up with one of Hawaii’s top local credit unions to help you get financed quickly for your solar system in as little as three to four business days.


Plus, Akamai Energy is proud to introduce the new Kill-A-Watt Box power saving device, which allows you to save up to 25 percent or more on your electric bill with no solar panels. Perfect for homes with limited roof space, limited budgets, commercial buildings, condos, renters and business owners. “A business owner with a $5,000 a month bill can save $1,000!” said Aqui. “A renter or condo owner with no control over their roof space can save $60-$80 a month for a very small investment. That’s $700-$1,000 a year in savings.”

Call Akamai Energy today at 445-9119 ext. 1, or email info@akamaienergyhawaii.com and lock in your 2013 PV installation before the summer rush.

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web // www.akamaienergyhawaii.com