Pacific Islands Construction desires to provide a comprehensive approach to the solar industry. It is a solar company that is also a general contractor and roofing contractor, which makes it better able to install and maintain your solar system.


Pacific Islands Construction keeps abreast of the latest issues and is prepared to provide prospective buyers with information that makes them informed buyers. There are many issues regarding the solar industry that the consumer should understand before they make an investment in a photovoltaic system. As a customer or prospective buyer, having a company that provides the greatest value and service is important when there are so many options. The following information is provided to help educate you so that if you find a great deal, you know it really is a great one.


The consolidation of the PV module manufacturing industry continues and this past week, Bosch announced that it is leaving the solar industry. Suntech, once the largest solar company in the world, announced bankruptcy this past week, and SolarWorld has delayed its annual press conference as it tries to restructure its debt with creditors.

The crisis in the solar manufacturing business affects the consumer when the long-term warranty he or she believes in is no longer good. It also affects consumers when quality issues arise, as manufacturers who are losing money place more value on trying to stay in business and less on the quality of the product they are selling. The bottom line is you need to be conscious of the current financial health of the solar equipment manufacturer you are considering.

Pacific Islands Construction believes that Kyocera of Japan, which has been manufacturing solar modules for more than 37 years, is one of the best choices for solar. Kyocera modules are made to very exacting standards that other manufacturers ignore. They include heavy reinforcement of the module frames and a potted junction box to protect the electrical connections. These modules just do not fail and are never returned due to failure. Modules that were manufactured more than 25 years ago are still producing more than 90 percent of their original rated output. No other company in the industry can match Kyocera performance, and new testing standards confirm that Kyocera quality exceeds the more stringent testing, whereas others are failing. Kyocera is a profitable company and few solar manufactures can say that.



Solar system installation practice should be a primary concern, almost as much as the equipment you are considering. Having the right roof flashings for numerous roof penetrations, substantial securement to the roof by the racking system and air flow underneath the modules are concerns you need to know about. Call Pacific Islands Construction to find out about the right installment practices and why Kyocera modules are the best and safest choice for your solar needs.

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