Installing photovoltaic (PV) panels is a great investment, reducing your electricity bill while adding value to your home. However, these savings mean little if yours is one of the nearly 45,000 homes damaged in electrical fires every year, or your loved ones are among the 2,000 people who are the victims of such fires annually.


PV should not be considered by itself, but should be part of a comprehensive look at your home’s entire electrical system. Unless the basic wiring is safe and sound, it doesn’t make sense to add more stress to a potentially defective system. Yet, this is exactly what many homeowners unwittingly do every day. The wiring in many of Hawaii’s homes was not designed to accommodate the various electrical loads that we place on it today. Additionally, like a car or any appliance, electrical systems break down with age, and the only way to tell if your home is safe and working properly is to have a comprehensive inspection accomplished by a qualified, licensed electrical specialist, equipped with the right test gear.


How can you tell if your home is at risk? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it could be a sign of potential electric problems:

• Is your home 15 years or older?
• Have there been additions, renovations or large appliances added to the home?
• Are extension cords and multiple power strips in permanent use around the house?
• Do lights flicker or dim momentarily?
• Do circuit breakers or fuses trip frequently?
• Do you hear crackling, sizzling or buzzing from outlets?
• Are outlet and light switch face plates hot to the touch or discolored?

American Electric, serving kama‘aina industry and residential customers, is Hawaii’s exclusive provider of an Electrical Hazard Detection program called CurrentSAFE®. This service utilizes sophisticated ultrasonic and infrared equipment to inspect wiring, outlets, fixtures, appliances and circuit breakers. CurrentSAFE’s highly trained technicians look behind walls to detect electrical hazards before they become a tragedy. Once the dangers are identified, American Electric’s team of professionals can perform the necessary repairs or upgrades to keep you and your family safe. The CurrentSAFE inspection is included at no additional cost when you choose American Electric as your trusted PV installer throughout the month of May.


For nearly 70 years, American Electric has been providing kamaaina with solutions to their electrical and alternative energy needs. This expertise has enabled American Electric to become the largest locally owned electrical contractor, and now one of the largest PV specialists, in the state. A solar/PV system is a small power plant on your roof, so doesn’t it makes sense to buy your system from the experts that our utility companies trust to build their power plants?


“American Electric offers a unique value: confirming the safety of your existing electrical system, providing a professionally installed PV system and standing behind its warranties for decades to come,” said Christian Adams, general manager of the Alternative Energy Division at American Electric.

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