In the late 1800s, King Kalakaua introduced electricity to ‘Iolani Palace before anywhere in the entire Unites States was privileged enough to have it. Notable dignitaries would visit from around the world and marvel at how a small and isolated island kingdom could possess such innovative technology. More than 120 years later, Hawaii is in the limelight again as the first in the nation to introduce a new kind of technology to the residential solar market.


Solar Frontier CIS (denotes copper, indium, selenium) thin film PV modules are completely made and manufactured in Japan and combine economical and ecological solutions for the PV consumer. Hawaii’s very own Risource Energy is the No. 1 authorized dealer to install these premium CIS modules.


Having the foresight to research and bring this latest technology to light, Risource Energy president Darren Furumoto said, “Consumers deserve the best and latest technology and that’s exactly what Solar Frontier CIS panels have to offer.”


Backing up Furumoto’s vision is lead installer Dave Serrao, who said CIS panels are “smaller and easier to design on your rooftop and allow for quick and easy maneuvering, which is required by various safety codes … their esthetic construction is very sleek and attractive to incorporate a unique design in their circuitry that allows for efficiency, even in shadowy conditions.”

In addition to the advanced technology, Furumoto said, “Consumers can create the ideal sustainable lifestyle, taking responsibility for their own carbon footprint and saving money in the process.” Solar Frontier’s eco-conscious outlook ships leadand cadmium-free panels in reusable packing materials all over the world, with no special recycling requirements needed.


Although new to the nation, Solar Frontier CIS thin film modules have been used in Japan and across the world in commercial and residential projects. This premium solar PV panel offers unmatched quality, reliability and a high functioning output ideal for real world conditions. When choosing wisely for your own palace, consider Risource Energy and Solar Frontier CIS thin film modules.

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