Country Manor Aluminum Shakes (CMS) may be Hawaii’s most forgettable roof — in a good way!

Forget about high winds and blowing rain. The CMS roof was originally engineered and developed by Alcoa in 1974 with a unique four-way interlock and fastening system that actually holds tighter as wind speeds increase. The system efficiently sheds wind-blown rain right off the roof. CMS is now made in Ohio by Classic Metal Roof Systems.


Forget about fire


Your aluminum CMS roof is fire-safe. It won’t burn or support combustion, so it will offer the protection your home needs against air-born embers. It is light-weight so it won’t burden or collapse your home’s structure in the event of an interior fire.

Forget about termites

Swarming termites that land on wood roofs can eat their way into its structural members. They can’t eat aluminum shakes though, and FoamGuard inserts, made from Performgard, kill termite and ant colonies.

Forget about high utility bills

In Hawaii, where temperatures rarely get above the mid to high 80s, you want a roof that will keep your home cool. Well, CMS is finished with a Kynar 500 infrared reflecting coating that keeps the surface temperature of the roof about 50 degrees cooler than conventional roofs. Plus, the free-floating FoamGuard, which is about 40 percent denser than anyone else’s inserts, has a built-in thermal break to keep your attic and room temperatures cool enough to eliminate the need for air conditioning.


Forget about shoddy workmanship


Aluminum Shake Roofing (ASR) specializes in the installation of CMS and our workers are not paid piecework. The company doesn’t cut corners so it can get a larger paycheck. It only uses the highest-quality materials, such as polypropylene Sharkskin Ultra underlayment, all stainless steel fasteners and high density FoamGuard. No one installs an aluminum roof better than ASR.

One thing you will never forget about is the unsurpassed beauty and durability the CMS gives your home. To learn more about the CMS roof system and the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, call Fred Rehm of Aluminum Shake Roofing at 847-8885. You can also inquire about a free detailed estimate. Aluminum Shake Roofing has installed thousands of CMS roofs throughout Hawaii since 1989.


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