In recent months, solar technology sales have declined on a global scale. “The worldwide slow down in solar is akin to smoke from a smoldering fire,” said Wendell Choy, president and chief executive officer of Solar Wave. “In Hawaii, the administrative rule change regarding tax credit eligibility threw gasoline on this fire and the result was a severe drop in residential photovoltaic (PV) sales.”

Despite the setback, those in the PV field remain optimistic. “It appears the legislature will come to the rescue and restore much of the former tax credit policy,” said Choy.


It’s clear that solar electric systems remain effective and efficient. “Five years ago, specialists suggested that 21 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) was the level for grid parity, meaning that at 21 cents conventional financing without tax incentives would result in savings for any kWh rate above 21 cents,” explained Choy. “Hawaii is well above 30 cents.”

Despite the government facing severe financial constraints, Solar Wave highly advises those considering PV to buy while tax incentives are in place.


Do your research first

Consultants at Solar Wave suggested researching and buying from panel manufacturers that have diversified business interests, a multitude of income sources and are well capitalized. “Investing in PV is harder than buying a car because the car is not expected to last 25 years,” explained Choy. “There is inadequate education out there as to what makes a PV system last as long as its warranty.”


Perhaps one of the most important elements of PV shopping is picking a product from a credible manufacturer, one whose business will be able to sustain future PV trends. “Solar Wave can recommend the material suppliers that we think will be around for more than 25 years,” said Choy. “Buying longevity will cost more now but you will save more over the lifetime of the investment.”

Solar Wave’s design center allows individuals to see, touch and explore the many roof attachment methods, racking choices and panel manufacturers available on the market. The Solar Wave team is made up of designers who are electrical engineer graduates specializing in commercial as well as residential PV design. Such qualifications allow customers to be informed about their solar decisions. “Let us help you reach the goal of free electricity,” said Choy.


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