Geobunga takes the farm-to-table movement one step further with its backyard-to-breakfast concept by encouraging you to take charge of what you feed your family. Feed your family fresh produce, fruit and herbs grown in your backyard or even on your lanai. Learn the fundamentals of organic gardening and its many health and environmental benefits at Geobunga’s free “Organic Gardening” seminar at 9 a.m. this coming Saturday, April 27, in Salt Lake, and at 2 p.m. in Waimanalo. Reserve a spot by visiting


If you attended Geobunga’s April 13 composting workshop and are planning to attend this Saturday’s workshop, we’re convinced we’ll help convert even the blackest thumbs to green.


This Saturday’s workshop will focus on the fundamentals of organic gardening including:

• Practical skills and solutions to common garden problems using organic techniques
• Helpful dos and don’ts of organic gardening, as well as its benefits

Turn food waste into black gold

Organic gardening begins with composting, which eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. When done right, organic gardening can be cheaper than store-bought groceries, less damaging to the environment and give you a better understanding of food production.


Every day we throw away the ingredients needed to produce quality garden compost. Compost will increase both plant nutrient uptake and soil water retention (meaning less watering). Flowers bloom more profusely, trees produce more fruit and gardens yield better, quality vegetables and herbs when treated with compost.


Fresh food

“Hawaii residents can grow fresh produce year-round, thanks to the islands’ mild climate and sunny weather. I love the convenience of having herbs and produce just steps away from my kitchen,” said Andrew Dedrick, executive director of Geobunga.

One-on-one questions

Following the seminar, attendees can ask questions one-on-one with Geobunga guest instructor Gabriel Sachter-Smith, to learn more about their specific organic gardening needs. Also, for those ready to join the organic movement, bagged compost and other products needed to create a small garden are available, including pots, topsoil, potting mix and pre-planted herbs and some vegetables.

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