One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective solar electric system purchasers is: How many panels do I actually need? Many times people will choose the lowest number of panels feeling confident that will be enough. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Results from companies can vary. Amounts can differ depending on what area you live in, how much electricity you actually use on a daily basis, what type of inverters are being used and, of course, the PV panel’s production, measured by the number of watts that are delivered to your electrical system.

EnergyPro has remained consistent in that all of our systems use Enphase microinverters. Enphase has established itself as the leader in microinverter technology and it offers outstanding support in the rare event that a problem occurs. The company’s 25-year warranty is top in the industry and its inverters produce power at a very efficient rate. Enphase also offers an advanced monitoring system that enables users to see how its systems are working at any given moment. It produces real-world results and even offers e-mail alerts if an issue arises. Currently Enphase’s M215 microinverter is the strongest inverter and can be paired safely with up to a 260-watt panel.



Through the Enphase monitoring system dubbed “Enlighten,” viewers are able to track individual panel production. This tool is invaluable in helping EnergyPro Hawaii calculate the perfect amount of panels a prospective customer might need in a specific area to completely offset their electrical usage. By studying previous installed systems all over Oahu, EnergyPro Hawaii has found a very powerful combination utilizing Enphase’s M215 microinverter and AUO/BenQ’s 260-watt, monocrystalline panel.

In certain areas the company has seen an individual panel’s production reach 1.7 kW/H in a single day. Compared to other panel manufacturers that are installed (Samsung, Sanyo/Panasonic, SolarWorld, Solar Technologies, Trina, etc), AUO/BenQ has proven to be one of the highest producing panels sold by the company. EnergyPro Hawaii can install almost any brand of panel, but highly recommends AUO/BenQ.

AUO/BenQ may be an unfamiliar name to some, but they are the one of the largest TFT-LCD manufacturers in the world, producing TFT panels for companies such as Samsung, NEC, LG, Dell, Apple, Viewsonic and Acer. The plant is located in Taichung’s Central Taiwan Science Park and has been named the largest green plant in the world according to the United States Green Building Council.

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