As the most energy-dependent state in the union, Hawaii imports more than 90 percent of the energy it consumes. But recently, with great strides being made in the Islands’ solar and renewable energy sectors, the state is taking important steps to move away from our reliance on foreign energy. Leading the charge, solar power has been responsible for creating enough clean energy to power 18,000 homes right here in the Islands since 2009. Since the state imports an estimated $5 billion worth of imported oil every year, that’s a huge step in the right direction.

At the foundation of Hawaii’s shift toward solar energy stands federal and state tax credits that allow families who install solar the opportunity to deduct up to 65 percent of their cost. Recently, the state of Hawaii has enacted efforts to cut those valuable tax credits to homeowners, making today the best time ever to go solar.


Solar tax credits set to decline

In an effort to ensure that Hawaii continues to wean itself from foreign energy, state house and senate members recently gathered at the capital with members of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) along with environmentalists and members of the solar industry to advocate for the renewal of the original solar tax credits set in place in 2009.


“We’ve made so much progress over the last few years in transitioning Hawaii over to a cleaner energy future, and I firmly believe that the original state tax credits were a great way to help spur that change,” said Andrew Yani of Bonterra Solar. “Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy, and I would argue that we have the potential to go from being the most foreign-energy dependent state in the country to one that produces almost all of its own energy … We could set a new standard for the world right here in Hawaii.

“Plain and simple, these tax credits really help secure Hawaii’s future and that’s why we’re here at the capital today. As an extra incentive, we’ve partnered up with Hawaiian Airlines to offer 15,000 miles for new installations.”


Solar benefits environment, economy

The great progress that has been made within the solar industry has not only helped the state take control over their own future, but it’s also provided a much-needed boost to the local economy. In 2012 alone, it’s been estimated that more than a quarter of all local construction jobs were created by the solar industry.

Don’t wait, go solar today

Whether it’s helping to save the environment by reducing Hawaii’s dependence on foreign oil or creating thousands of new jobs in Hawaii, we need solar in Hawaii. And with tax credits set to expire, the clock is ticking. Don’t wait until tomorrow to go solar; secure your energy future today.

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