As George Playdon Jr.’s HECO bill approached $1,000 per month, he worked on various ways to decrease his electric bill: He changed his appliances, light bulbs, pool pump and so on. Finally, he decided to investigate solar as the ultimate solution, soliciting and methodically reviewing bids from several local vendors.


“RevoluSun gave us a responsive, knowledgeable bid designed for our specific needs,” Playdon recalled. “They installed the system on time, keeping us posted on all developments and recommending changes when appropriate. The team that worked with us had the highest degree of expertise and professionalism.”

Long-term investment

Solar is an integral addition to the home that affects the roof and electrical system, and it must be optimized for the integrity of the home’s structure. Since the solar system is installed on the roof and a roof is a long-term investment, it is important to use the least invasive installation method. A bargain price today may mean costly repairs tomorrow.

Superior racking system


To accommodate changes in weather, a roof will expand and contract about a quarter of an inch, so the movement can cause weak framing to come loose. An advantage of RevoluSun’s SunFrame racks is that they sit low against the roof with just enough room to allow a cooling airflow, which optimizes module performance.

“The racking runs continuously around your panels and will keep them in place throughout all changes in weather and your roof,” explained RevoluSun’s director of operations Scott Rodgerson, “and with SunFrame racking there are 33 percent less pukas in the roof, which means fewer opportunities for leaks.”


Professional installation

RevoluSun only works with experienced electricians and highly trained specialists, and installations will be completed high above industry standards. One element to note in RevoluSun’s process is the continuous wiring, which protects against hot spots that can cause system efficiency to drop. In addition, the RevoluSun Power Production Warranty and NABCEP Certification guarantee the highest level of quality and service.

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