Installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home can seem like an overwhelming process. The multiple steps of selecting solar modules and inverters, applying for building permits, completing net metering agreements, coordinating inspections and choosing the right financing can be overwhelming for even the most knowledgeable consumer.

To simplify the process, Island Pacific Energy uses 10 easy steps.



Investigation. A professional from Island Pacific Energy meets with you to discuss the best opportunities for solar power for your home.
Analysis. Once information about your home is collected, the team analyzes the data to determine the most appropriate photovoltaic solar energy system for your home. • Financing. Island Pacific Energy offers a number of custom tailored options to pay for your system. Most options require no money down and are designed to provide the highest amount of savings.
Design. Island Pacific Energy designs your system including detailed system layout and electrical diagrams taking into account factors such as location, shading, electric usages, roof area, etc.
Pre-construction. Once the system design is approved by you, Island Pacific Energy procures the equipment, submits the necessary building permits and completes the required utility interconnection agreements.
Construction. Island Pacific Energy coordinates with you to select the best day and time to install the PV system on your home. Construction typically takes one to two days. • Certification. Once construction is complete, the system is verified and tested, the local electrical inspector is called and the local utility is notified.
Operation. When all testing, permitting and interconnections are completed, the system is energized and you begin producing your own power.
Review.Your account manager meets with you to review the system, provide you with all the documentation including manuals, warranties and guarantees, and answers any other questions you may have.
Maintenance. Over the next year, Island Pacific Energy will perform a complimentary inspection and cleaning of your PV system to verify it is operating at peak efficiency.

By following Island Pacific Energy’s 10 steps to solar, a seemingly overwhelming process becomes easy.


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