Therma-Tru Corp., the nation’s leading manufacturer and most preferred brand of entry doors, now offers a stainable astragal (typically used to seal the gap between a pair of doors) that combines beauty and performance for use in any Therma-Tru® grained double-door application.

Available in three wood-grained textures — Oak, Mahogany and Fir — to complement all Therma-Tru grained fiberglass door systems as well as home interiors, the stainable astragal is designed to deliver durability.

High-strength aluminum construction helps provide stability, holding power and lasting performance,” said Derek Fielding, senior product manager for Therma-Tru Corp. “The wood-grained textured vinyl wrap resists water damage, bubbling, cracking, chipping and peeling. It also works perfectly with our Same-Day® stain for faster drying time than traditional stains and the authentic look of real wood, complete with a five-year limited warranty.”


The stainable astragal is designed for easy installation and finishing with features such as pre-machining for easy attachment to the passive door and removable boot, trim and weatherstripping that allow for convenient trimming and finishing without masking.

“Like all Therma-Tru components, the new stainable astragal is designed to complete our door systems,” said Fielding. “It delivers a universal fit in double-door applications to help seal against air and water leaks. The locking steel slide bolt, steel bolt spring, weatherstrip and boot work together to provide a tight seal at the sill, head jamb and lock side of the entryway.”

Available in 7/8 inch width by 6 feet 6 inches, 6 foot 8 inches, 7 feet and 8 feet heights, the stainable astragal can be ordered to fit multiple configurations, including under-sized options. See for complete details on the Tru-Defense® Door Systems.

This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.