According to Bella Pietra showroom manager Jacob White, adding decorative mosaic tiles to your home is easier than you think.

“Many people love the idea of using mosaic tile, but aren’t sure how or where to use them in their homes,” said White. “We show you how these tiles can be used to add color and texture to the decor of almost any room in the house.”


The key to using mosaic tiles in your home is to choose the right size and color of tiles for the space that you are decorating. Think carefully about these two aspects of the tiles as well as what the overall purpose of the room is intended to be, and you’ll find that using mosaics is simple. Thankfully, companies like Tilersplace make choosing the perfect tiles easy!


Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are perfect places to consider using mosaic tiles. Your kitchen and bathroom counters are usually clean planes and often with a high polish. Mosaic tiles add elements of texture and color to offset the long lines of the countertop.

Different choices in the color and size of the tiles can really make a room look different. Instead of blending in, choose mosaic tile walls that are really set apart from the rest of the cabinetry in the kitchen. If you want a kitchen that is modern and expressive, larger tiles that are set in a way that creates a textural pattern on the wall could be one way to go.


Instead of a standard 1 by 1 inch tile, go with a subway tile (2 by 4 inches) or something very linear, like 1 by 10 inches. Most of the tiles that there are to choose from are square or rectangular but those aren’t the only choices that you have. Choose tiles that are of a different shape and you can create cool patterns and designs in your home without a lot of hard work on your part. When making this choice, always go small with the tiles because it creates a look that blends together well without attacking the senses.


Mosaics are not only for the kitchen and bathroom. They can be used as a border around the floor’s edge of a room. Use an 18 by 18 inch tile as the field with a 2 by 2 inch on-mesh matching travertine mosaic as the border. This helps define the space.

Mosaics are also used for entire walls. Rather than creating an accent wall with different color paint, use a stone mosaic veneer to clad the wall and anchor the space.


Bella Pietra has mosaic glass, stone, pebbles and veneer. Come by the showroom to browse the selection and consult with the staff.

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