When TOTO® first came to the United States, the company immediately gained popularity for its well designed, highly efficient toilets as well as the very popular electronic Washlet seats. In the last 25 years, Toto has steadily become even more well known, yet the majority of people in the U.S. fail to realize that it does not only design and manufacture the world’s most balanced and effective flushing toilets, but a full line of faucets, sinks, accessories, tubs and shower fixtures as well.

The Bathroom Store is constantly working hard to inform the public about these beautiful fixtures, which are often only discovered after the fact, when customers come into our showroom to choose a toilet.



The public can rest easy installing a faucet or shower valve that they’ve chosen from Toto, knowing that it is backed by the world’s largest bathroom fixture manufacturer. Toto is the global leader in plumbing products, surpassing both Kohler and American Standard combined. A warranty is only as good as the company that backs it. With a century of experience, Toto is second to none for after sales and technical support.

This year, Toto has introduced three new lines to its constantly expanding fixture selection. The Silas, Vivian and Wyeth collections offer full suites that include: showers, matching faucets as well as all of the required accessories available in the most popular finishes. In addition to adding the option of a new three-way diverter with or without off positions, these new bathroom suites are also the most economical options available from Toto. The new valve options give the plumber or contractor the convenience to choose from the most basic to the most luxurious shower setup that a homeowner can imagine. Moreover, these suites are perfect for builders looking to put in the highest quality product at a very reasonable price, while keeping the plumbing clean and simple.


Having the full support of Toto, the world’s largest bathroom fixture manufacturer, is an added bonus for both builder and homeowner. Before starting any future renovation or construction project, check out Toto’s full line of quality products at the Bathroom Store. The company has been a proud source of Toto bathroom fixtures for the last two decades here in the Islands, and it looks forward to serving the people of Hawaii for many more to come.

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