It may be awhile before the effects of sequestration infiltrate our lives. If you don’t want to tie up your savings for a long period of time — thinking you might need it in the very near future — here’s a wise suggestion as to how a very small investment can pay off big time!

Invest in an environmentally safe way to save on plumbing bills, appliance repair, maintenance costs and your water bill. Harald von Sydow, the director of Nano Tek-On, the local company with a business model based on the science of technology, has been helping Hawaii’s homeowners protect their biggest investment — their homes.


If calcium deposits and limescale are allowed to build up in your home’s plumbing, the water flows slower and slower and can eventually require a complete overhaul of your plumbing system, a very expensive job, indeed. And although such buildup is inevitable in Hawaii’s homes, such buildup can be eliminated and prevented from reoccurring.

Limescale and calcium deposits clog plumbing, decreasing water flow and wasting water. These deposits corrode water-using appliances including hot-water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers — even new appliances — and the calcium deposits spot shower doors and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. You can actually spend a small fortune on all the different products that advertise their cleaning prowess and take a lot of elbow grease but don’t always work. By now, you probably have dollar signs dancing around in your eyes. Not to worry. Once HydroFlow is installed (Nano Tek-On will install it for free), there is nothing additional to purchase and the water does not run through anything other than your pipes.


HydroFlow attaches to the outside of your plumbing (no cutting of pipes) and then it goes to work to rid the pipes of corrosion and limescale. HydroFlow is silent, doesn’t change the taste of your water and it is environmentally safe just like all the products Nano Tek-On uses to clean and seal glass, granite and concrete surfaces, protecting them from being attacked again by contaminants. You see, the same thing that happens inside the pipes in your house also happens to your windows and walk-ways. It is part of life in Hawaii, because ours is salt-filled ocean air that deposits minerals on exposed windows and other porous surfaces. The mineral buildup has an irritating way of staining, spotting and streaking, eventually ruining your once-beautiful granite or glass. Nano Tek-On’s environmentally friendly process cleans the buildup on these surfaces, then seals the glass or stone with invisible sealant that makes these surfaces nonporous. The surfaces will then repel the contaminants. And, all you need to do is wipe down the surfaces to keep them clean.


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