Whether you’re a hosting aficionado or a novice entertainer, planning a party at home can carry a certain level of stress.

Sometimes, despite all the cleaning, cooking and decorating we do to prepare, it’s the easily overlooked little things that can cause the biggest unwelcome surprises. The No. 1 disaster experienced by party guests and hosts is a malfunctioning toilet, according to a recent survey conducted by Delta Faucet Company. Interestingly, most respondents did not pay attention to their toilet when preparing for a party. Running, leaking or regularly clogged toilets are tempting to ignore, however it’s during parties when bathrooms are in constant use that problems can easily arise.


Chip Wade, expert craftsman and host of HGTV’s hit new show “Elbow Room,” recently partnered with Delta Faucet Company to encourage homeowners to get ahead of the problem by addressing toilet troubles before planning an event.

“Chip knows that hosts aren’t the only ones who feel the stress of a party — homes get stressed, too,” said Susan Peters, senior retail brand manager at Delta Faucet Company. “Our goal is to help educate homeowners about bathroom maintenance. Even just a few extra people in the house require plumbing fixtures to work overtime to accommodate more flushes, resulting in greater potential for something to go wrong if you already have toilet issues.”

Tip No. 1: Luckily, despite the fear many of us have when it comes to actually replacing a malfunctioning toilet, resolving the issue is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. The Corrente toilet from Delta Faucet is a high-performing, water-efficient solution that comes with all the tools necessary for easy installation. The Delta Corrente toilet kit includes the tank, bowl, toilet seat, mounting hardware and wax ring, as well as a SmartFit Multi-Tool. Additionally, the EZ Out Toilet Removal Kit provides many of the items needed for uninstalling an existing toilet.

Tip No. 2: Wade also suggested enlisting the help of a friend to point out other areas of the home that may need to be addressed. Entertaining should be fun and exciting, not a burden. No matter where you are or what you are celebrating, remember to cover all your bases when preparing for an event at home.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.