When it comes to finding greater harmony within the walls of your home, begin by understanding the natural traits and characteristics of your other half


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I use your guidance to set up my home, and, although our home is for the most part “feng shui-friendly,” we just can’t seem to get things done here. I know you are also a professional astrologer. Can you comment on this — is it our personalities that are not compatible? I feel it is best to make consistent progress on projects in the home whereas my husband gets distracted a lot. I am a Capricorn, my husband is a Gemini.


Irealized early on that feng shui is not the answer to everything, no matter how much I wanted to believe that I could create luck and harmony simply by clearing clutter, facing an auspicious direction or managing the flow of energy. However, after consulting in hundreds of homes and businesses, I now see that we create our own luck and harmony with our awareness.

While feng shui has energetic influence on a person, it will never change one’s intrinsic nature, but astrology will help you understand one’s natural traits and characteristics so that you can accept people in your life for who they are, instead of wishing they were someone they are not.

Conflict stems from judgments on behavior

Conflict between the people living together can stem from the need to be right. Most of us express our opinion, believing that we are right, but that sets up the scenario for an argument whenever anyone disagrees, judging us as wrong. I bet those of you who are “neat” like to show my articles to an untidy person in the home because you want that individual to change and be more like you! Am I right?


The key is to realize that the person with whom you are in conflict is probably not trying to intentionally upset you, just being his or natural herself. Can that person change with intent? Yes! Can you change your perspective? Yes! No right or wrong exists, just a difference in perspective. See if you can find a way to inspire the person to change rather than judging him or her as “wrong.”

A general look at the signs

Astrology can give you general insight about a person’s nature by looking at what sign the Sun was in at his or her birth. Although the time and location of birth will show more precise prevailing influences, you may see a part of yourself, your spouse or children in one or more of the following descriptions. If you relate to more than one sign, other planetary influences are likely strong in your chart. Have fun with this!

Aries: You do not finish what you start, even though you enthusiastically bought everything for the project. Advice: Make the starting of a new project conditional upon finishing the existing project.

Taurus: You procrastinate on projects that you know you need to get started on. Advice: Ask a friend to hold you accountable and set up a deadline and reward for yourself for finishing.

Gemini: You likely have 10 different projects going on at once, none of which are completed. Advice: Cross those you haven’t started off the list, turn off the phone, and focus on one!

Cancer: Home improvement projects interest you, but your need for security causes you to hold onto excess. Advice: Dispose of expired food in the fridge to open up a flow of energy for yourself.

Leo: You have a lot of projects that need to be done, but often choose to have fun instead. Advice: Do nothing. The Capricorn in the house will get fed up and find someone else to get it done or make you feel bad about not doing it.

Virgo: You need to wash your hands ten times and conditions have to be perfect before you start, then you run out of time. Advice: Tell yourself that getting sweaty is okay and you will have time to shower.

Libra: You invite your friends over to help and end up socializing instead. Advice: On project day, invite only Capricorn (hard workers) and Taurus (once they start, they finish) friends.

Scorpio: You are all or nothing and will only work on projects if they interest you. Advice: Ask a Pisces to help. They have a hard time saying no.

Sagittarius: You talk about a project a lot yet never seem to get around to it. Advice: Keep talking about it until the Capricorn in the house tells you to get serious and get it done.

Capricorn: You will likely either get it done yourself or tell someone else to do it. Advice: Make a plan, have a goal, and realize that everyone is not as goal and achievement-oriented as you.

Aquarius: You will take on any project but then procrastinate, and, when working, you are messy and disorganized. Advice: Just do your own thing, no matter what the Capricorn says you should or shouldn’t do.

Pisces: You have great visions of how you want the project to look when completed but get distracted by life. Advice: Don’t let others talk you into helping them on their projects. Instead, put your focus on yourself.

So, as you can see, Capricorns are more structured and want to get to the top of the mountain, while Geminis want to juggle multiple tasks at the bottom — neither right nor wrong, but, in your case, frustrating. Understanding each other is the first step, and finding something that will give a Gemini a reason to get to the top of the mountain is key to both of you getting what you want.


Today is all in good fun, but next week I will answer another question along these lines about how astrological signs interact with each other and what you can do to be more accepting, creating greater harmony in the home!

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