Springtime in Hawaii is known for many things, but the least favorite event that occurs is the beginning of swarm season for both drywood and subterranean termites. When termite colonies reach a certain size, swarmers are released to locate and build new colonies. The only positive part of this is that very few swarmers actually stay alive long enough to make it into a crack or hole in a piece of wood and shed their wings, pair up to mate and begin a new colony of termites.

Keep in mind that drywood termites eat very slowly and their colonies take a very long time to become a substantial size. Once drywood termites get into a piece of wood, it takes about three years to produce enough offspring and eat enough wood to excrete an amount of fecal pellets that will end up being exposed and showing that a colony exists.


Akamai Pest Solutions has been treating homes and businesses for nine years throughout the state and offers a safer method to treating drywood termite infestations — orange oil. People are realizing the dangers of tent fumigation and that it’s not always 100 percent effective. The biggest draw to the safer method is it allows people to not have stay in a hotel, bag food, risk roof and solar damage or hire a security guard to protect their homes from break-ins.


XT-2000 Orange Oil is a totally organic product. When wood is treated with it, the orange oil has a capillary affect, meaning it travels through the infested wood for days so that termites cannot escape it. It will kill the adults instantly and kill termite eggs as well, which fumigation will not. So there is less risk for reinfestation. The great thing about this treatment is that customers don’t have to move out of the home or business. They can be there when it is treated and it only leaves behind a pleasant orange smell for a day. It is so much safer for children, pets and those who have health and mobility issues.

The process begins with a thorough inspection of your home or business and finding the areas of infestation, which are then treated. Akamai provides a warranty with all of its orange oil treatments. An average home will take one to two hours to inspect and a minimum of four hours to treat. The treatment time depends on the size of the structure and how much infestation is present. The company has treated homes, doctors offices, condominium projects and schools, buildings for the University of Hawaii, the state and federal government, care homes and so many unique structures where safety and convenience are important.


Akamai Pest Solutions also provides ground treatment service, but uses a regular liquid termiticide because the orange oil will not leave the necessary residual for a long warranty.

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