Metal’s share of the residential roofing market is rapidly increasing as more homeowners think in terms of sustainability and life-cycle costs. You want a roof that will last for the long term — one that you can forget about. Aluminum has proved to be one of the best metals for use in tropical marine environments such as Hawaii.

The Country Manor Aluminum Shake (CMS) roof system was developed by Alcoa in 1974, and is now manufactured by Classic Products in Piqua, Ohio using 95 percent post-consumer recycled high-tensile aluminum. A cool, lightweight, fire-safe CMS roof for your home or townhouse complex may be just the right answer to solve your re-roofing problems by offering many advantages over other metals and conventional roofing, including:


• Aesthetics. Your home doesn’t have to resemble the nearby shopping center just because it has a tough and durable aluminum roof. CMS offers the beauty of real hand-split cedar, without the drawbacks. The deep, realistic texture and rough wood grain surface will add curb appeal to your home.

• Colors. CMS is available in many attractive earth tones and even multi-hued, textured finishes. All the infrared reflecting, cool coatings are formulated using superior Kynar 500 resin, which is the toughest and most weather resistant paint system available.

• Proven Protection. Once installed, Country Manor Aluminum Shakes takes care of its owners. Aluminum roofing is not a new concept. Its advantages have been proven all around the world. Even in

Honolulu there are hundreds of aluminum roofs more than 60 years old scattered all over the city. Homeowners who have had the CMS roof installed often say that they welcome extreme and stormy weather because it reassures them over and over of what a great decision they made many years ago to buy a roof from Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. The unique four-way interlock and stainless steel fasteners use no clips and the roof actually holds tighter and tighter as wind speeds increase.


• Quiet Strength. One common question about aluminum roofing concerns noise. Early metal roofs had no structural barriers to deaden sound. But CMS with its deep texture and modern construction methods work together to form an effective sound barrier. Most homeowners actually say they like the way it sounds when it rains.

• Installation. There doesn’t have to be any compromise to getting a quality installation. Some contractors may take advantage of a homeowner’s limited knowledge of roofing products and proper procedures and cut a few corners to keep the sales price down while maintaining their profits. But Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. will always use the best materials (even those you don’t see, such as the patented FoamGuard EPS inserts which are more than 40 percent denser than what is used in any other roof system) and employ proven installation methods to deliver the highest quality, most durable roof and real value to you.

• Warranty. The CMS system is protected with a non-prorated manufacturer’s limited warranty covering 100 percent of the cost of both materials and labor for your lifetime.


To learn more about the roof system, the warranty and for a free detailed estimate, call Fred Rehm of Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. at 847-8885. ASR has successfully added value to the thousands of homes they have re-roofed all around Hawaii during the last 24 years.

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