Big Rock is a store in Honolulu that is exceptional. It manufactures and sells all sorts of things that are unavailable anywhere else in the world. That’s because Big Rock specializes in making copies of our Hawaiian stones and has been doing this for 30 years. There is no other business like it.

You can’t imagine how many rocks, boulders and pieces of stone the owners, Bonnie Cooper and Brian Joy, have accumulated throughout the 30 years, and they are always adding to the collection. Some of the beautiful stone bowls and unusual boulders have been lent by homeowners, who have seen and appreciated the quality of the copies and wanted to contribute to the collection.



Molds are taken from the original pieces they find, and then reproductions are cast in a lightweight concrete. There is unquestionably no way a person can tell the difference between Big Rock and the real thing, and just think of how much of our islands’ natural stone has been conserved through Big Rock’s method of casting copies!

Even after 30 years here on Oahu there are still many people who may have “heard” about Big Rock, but have never taken the time to visit the showroom, and Bonnie and Brian confirm this each time they participate in one of Oahu’s many trade shows: “The people are always excited and impressed with the few things they see at our show displays, but admit they have not been to the store. Once they come, they are happy they did and always spread the word to friends and neighbors.”

Why would you use Big Rock? Well, it is much lighter weight than real rock, for example, the boulders do not have to be dug into the ground as they already have a flat bottom. The Moss Rock stepping stones are 3 inches thick and ready to place, but they look as though you have miraculously found natural rock for a pathway that is flat! The stone items can be used to dress up lanais too, surrounded with a bit of river rock and perhaps a small fountain.



Big Rock stone veneer is used to cover any and all wall surfaces, giving you a natural stone wall appearance, but it’s only about 1 and 1/2 inches thick and is easy to install! Actually all Big Rock stone products are easy to use, and Brian and Bonnie always encourage homeowners to consider doing the work themselves, whether it’s a rock wall or garden project.

Big Rock has the stone veneer, stone benches and tables, boulders, stone bowls of many sizes, bridges, garden edgers, ponds, waterfall boulders, garden ornaments, Buddhas, tikis and much more. Of course, not everything at Big Rock is made there. Some garden accent pieces and other goodies are brought in, such as a variety of rain chains, Japanese-style lanterns, bamboo fountain kits, pond pumps, liners, filters, underwater lighting, birdbaths, decorative fountains and more than a dozen pre-cast waterfalls.

Big Rock would like to invite you to come by for a visit. You don’t have to buy, but they would like you to see how 30 years of being Hawaii’s “Rock” stars has made them famous for the quality and uniqueness of their products.

contact // 834-7625 (ROCK)
address // 1050 Kikowaena Place
web //