Being in the most isolated place in the world has its benefits. Sure there are some drawbacks to life in Hawaii, but overall, the positives outweigh the negatives. For example, rarely does the afternoon temperature drop below 80 degrees, and open-toed shoes are acceptable forms of footwear at almost nearly every venue. People on the Mainland fantasize about our lives. Are you taking advantage as you should?

Embracing the Hawaiian lifestyle is relatively simple: spend as much time outside as possible, add water, repeat. Of course, we have to work to support this lifestyle, and the ocean is not in everyone’s front yard, however, you can still create your own version of outdoor living. Start in the backyard — you know, that place where you lost your kids a few years back, where the grass is taller then you?


Use the following formula: Brazilian Quartzite Flagstone + BBQ + Jacuzzi™ = Happy Outdoor Living.


It seems too good to be true, but really outdoor-living bliss is that easy. Brazilian Quartzite is a natural material that looks great, is non-slip (so the long-lost kids you found when you mowed the grass won’t slide into the neighbors’ fence), and this natural stone will not kill your wallet. The BBQ is a no-brainer; nowadays you can get models that do nearly everything with virtually no effort. The Jacuzzi brings the water to your back door, and allows you to relax with oodles of jets massaging each muscle. If your New Year’s body has not reached its goal yet, no worries; a Jacuzzi lets you enjoy the water in the privacy of your own home. Consider something else: You won’t need to worry about creatures biting your toes in a Jacuzzi, and you can see the bottom in a Jacuzzi (not always the case with the ocean).

Here at Hawaii Home Expo, we can help make your outdoor living dream a reality. We have eight new Jacuzzi models that just arrived, all 25 percent off with free standard delivery, spa stairs included. We can help with financing. We carry some of the largest stock of Brazilian Quartzite on the island. Friendly and knowledgeable, we are your source for maximizing your outdoor living experience. We are conveniently located at 2933 Koapaka St. in Honolulu.


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