Every year, faulty electrical systems cause millions of dollars in damage. In fact 99 out of 100 homes have some sort of electrical defect, which oftentimes causes the entire home to go up in flames. Many homes in Hawaii were wired at a time when electrical use was minimal. Over the years, computers, microwaves and other appliances have been added, with more electricity needed. The home’s electrical system may no longer meet the needs of the household.


When was the last time you had your electrical system inspected? “Never” is a likely answer. In fact, most homeowners don’t think about their electrical system until it’s too late. Taking a few preventative measures can make a world of difference.


Today many homeowners are installing solar/PV systems. This is an important time to have your electrical system thoroughly inspected. American Electric provides an Electrical Hazard Detection program called CurrentSAFE®. This service is offered exclusively by American Electric and relies on sophisticated ultrasonic and infrared equipment to inspect wiring, fixtures, appliances and circuit breakers. The CurrentSAFE® technology looks behind walls to detect hidden electrical hazards before they become a tragedy. Once the hazards are identified, technicians can perform the necessary repairs or upgrades to keep you and your family safe.

American Electric believes in preventative electrical management. Our CurrentSAFE® Electrical Hazard Detection, SYCOM Whole House Surge Protector and PowerSave Home Energy Monitor help customers contain costs and ensure they have peace of mind as well. Together these systems provide the safest and most effective electrical consumption possible.


Call 440-5098 to receive the following with the purchase of every solar/PV system throughout March:


• A free Electrical Hazard Detection service • A free Whole House Surge Protector

• A free PowerSave Home Energy Monitor

American Electric has been providing superior service and peace of mind for kamaaina since 1946.

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