At home, garages can be an asset to our daily lives and a component of increased valuation of our properties. However, more often than not, our garages have turned into mismanaged and disorganized storage units that are conveniently located close to home. The fact is, most of us do not want to open the garage door because we do not want our neighbors to see how unsightly and disorganized we have allowed our garages to get.

Do you need a garage remodel? Is your concrete riddled with oil stains, paint or cracking? Do your storage options look unappealing and function poorly? You are not alone; millions of homeowners have struggled with a problem they thought was unfixable, but it is.

Lokahi Garage Expert’s Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Coatings are industrial-grade flooring solutions and cabinets that can provide homeowners with a sigh of relief. With a beautiful, durable garage floor and functional cabinet and work bench system, you can have a garage that is ergonomically functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Lifetime garage experts flooring


Lokahi’s Roll-on-Rock is a multilayer application combining vapor barrier components, epoxy coatings, vinyl chips and polyurea sealants. Garage Experts Epoxy is the most durable coating system in the industry — so much so that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Your floor will become resistant to oils, gasoline, paints and other items that are so often the demise of a clean garage. Maintenance is simple and items won’t stick to the chemically resistant garage floor coating. Don’t be fooled by inferior look-alikes that are really just paint — there’s a big difference.

Here are some features and benefits of Lokahi’s garage cabinet and work bench solutions:

• Industrial-grade particle board (per ASTM standards)
• European-manufactured hinges (lifetime warranty)
• Fast assembly and installation of garage cabinets
• Optional support legs are available if the expected storage weight in the garage cabinet exceeds 300 pounds.
• Maximum garage cabinet storage weight is 700 pounds per pantry if it is attached to the wall properly
• Garage cabinets are available in Maple, Cherry, Charcoal, White and Diamond Plate.
• Garage cabinets have stainless steel finished handles • Optional aluminum shelf stiffeners are also available for garage cabinets.
• European design and strength are what the company’s garage cabinets are built on.

Call Lokahi Garage Experts at 596-8833 for a free design consultation and estimate to get your high-quality garage flooring with a lifetime warranty, as well as cabinet storage and work bench solutions for your garage.

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