While you may not know the term “nowism,” you more than likely live it. With our fast-paced lives, this term describes the trend of the consumer’s need for instant gratification. We want fast service, fast answers and fast results.

And, of course, this need for fast fixes extends into our homes. Luckily, no matter how pressed you are for time, you can spruce up your house by focusing on simple projects.


Fancy fixtures


As the workhorse of the kitchen, we have dozens of daily interactions at the sink. So, give your kitchen a functionality facelift by upgrading your faucet. The innovative Moen Delaney or Haysfield kitchen faucets with MotionSense are an ideal choice to bring your kitchen into the digital decade. MotionSense allows you to accomplish a variety of routine tasks with speed and efficiency, offering you three ways to operate the faucet. In addition to the traditional handle, you can activate it by using the Wave Sensor — by waving your hand over the faucet to turn on and off — or the Ready Sensor — by placing your hands or an object under the spout.

Restore beauty in the bath

In a recent Gallup Poll, 80 percent of workers said they feel stress on the job, making it important to make your home — and specifically your bathroom — a relaxing retreat. Swap your old, boring showerhead with the new Moen Halo rainshower to create a serene sanctuary within minutes. Halo features an innovative, pivoting double-ring design which provides 60 percent more coverage than traditional 9-inch rainshowers. Three spray settings — full rain-shower, deep massage and relaxing massage — create a spa-like experience, and with an easy two-step installation, you can upgrade your bathroom in no time.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.