Designing your kitchen involves more than just placing boxes on the wall, as many less expensive cabinet companies tend to do. If you’re going to invest time and money into your home, then take the time to learn about your kitchen designer.

To start with, is your designer asking you what you want to achieve in remolding your kitchen? Are you looking for more space or a more convenient way to access the space in your kitchen? This is known as ergonomics, the study of designing equipment and devices that fits the human body, its movement and its cognitive abilities. So if you have a small kitchen, ergonomics aims to get more usable space and make it easier to access, while making the design flow well. This is sometimes referred to as having feng shui in the design as well. Feng shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive flow.


Is your designer asking you about your budget? And what does it include or not include? This is the trickiest question to ask because most customers are afraid to answer it, thinking if they tell a designer a number that’s high, they’ll be quoted a higher price than it if they said nothing.


Here are a couple of tips on how to make this work to your advantage. First, make a reasonable budget. If you’re not sure, most designers will help you by giving you ideas on what to expect price-wise for different items.

Make a list of what your budget includes as well, like cabinets, pulls or knobs, appliances, a countertop, tear-out and installation, new sink, faucet, disposal, under wall cabinet lighting, ect. Just as important, make a list of what it does not include, like electrical work, plumbing, ceiling lights, flooring and painting.

Let the designer know that you are going to get other quotes with this same list. They may try to match or be under your budget to get the job, but take note: Is your budget reasonable and are you looking for low, medium-or high-end cabinets. It’s like a garage, you can park a cheap car or luxury car in the same space, so get to know what cabinets you’re in the market for. A tip on this is to ask, “What kind of warranty comes with the cabinet, what kind of finish is on it and how long it will last in our humid, salty air?” This will puts you in charge of shopping for a new kitchen and make the process so much less stressful.

Then of course there is the style. Are you looking for Traditional, Modern, Contemporary & Hawaiian or Island style? How this is going to complement your house and how is it going to enrich the look of your kitchen? This will require looking at many different cabinet door styles and countertops to see what will make your kitchen unique and different from all the rest.


Tenibac Kitchen Cabinets & Casework has more than 200 door styles in its showroom along with Caesarstone, Granite and Corian tops to pick from. The company has realized that sometimes you need custom-sized cabinets to make these designs work better while being competitive with store-bought cabinets. It specializes in fusing custom cabinets with affordable pricing. Yes, it has door styles that are different, with more Island style to them. The team at Tenibac has both the design and installation experience necessary to help you create what will turn an empty kitchen or an existing space a dream kitchen that is beautiful and functional. Thinking outside the box gives us the advantage of coming up with outstanding kitchen designs, beginning with creativity and a practical design that fits your needs.


Tenibac offers Aristocratic Cabinets for that exotic or unique-looking wood. That is why it is “The Architect and Designers choice cabinet company.” It builds what others won’t.

There is also its affordable Tradewind cabinet line. With 3/4 inch maple veneer plywood quality construction and full extension, soft-closing drawer guides. Both come with a lifetime warranty. The company will even install its own cabinets so that they fit in right the first time.

By choosing Tenibac to remodel your kitchen, together we will make it a pleasant place to be in, while increasing the value of your home.

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