In today’s rigorous world, finding time to wind down and de-stress becomes more challenging. Sure, we live in Hawaii and we have a natural abundance of sunshine and water to play in, but sometimes after working all day, enduring a grueling drive home, picking the kids up and putting a meal on the table, whatever scrap of energy we had diminishes to negative numbers. Good luck with getting to the beach.

Rather than quietly waiting for your weekend or next vacation, give yourself a few minutes to unwind every day by sliding into a Jacuzzi® and let the multitude of jets soothe your aching muscles and revitalize your mind.

The Jacuzzi® was invented with healing as its intent. The Jacuzzi® family, with its background in engineering, created the first submersible pump to treat an ailing family member. From there, the Jacuzzi® has evolved into a household name known for its therapeutic baths and hot tubs, emerging as a leader in hydrotherapy.


So what is hydrotherapy and what are its benefits? Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain and to promote well-being, and there are numerous benefits. The heat helps open blood vessels for increased circulation, and the therapeutic jets help relax muscles and remove built-up lactic acid, which reduces pain associated with soreness, both promoting the flow of endorphins and making for a happier individual.


Today’s Jacuzzi® is much more then just a healing tub. A Jacuzzi® is a great way to entertain friends and family. The models offered currently boast sound systems to be envied with the modern convenience of connecting your MP3 players and phones for customized playlists.

Also, there are chromotherapy options that use light to rejuvenate your mood or spirit, and finish options that complement any style. The Jacuzzis® of today have room for everyone, with some models allowing seating for up to nine. Jacuzzi’s® are built to endure the test of time as well as the elements and all models are warrantied against defects.

Jacuzzi® is exclusively sold on Oahu by Hawaii Home Expo, with eight brand-new models that just arrived. Come see what could be the “life revitalizer” you need.

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