Whether you use your bath to cut through the grime of your work day or to simply soak and relax after a long day, your bathing experience can play a key role in both mood and health. For this reason, The Bathroom Store is a proud distributor of Jason premium baths. Jason’s unique Jacuzzi family heritage and its vision to promote healthy living through bathing allows it to promise you the healthiest, quietest, most comfortable hydrotherapy experience available.

Jason’s years of ongoing research along with its desire for a deeper understanding of the human body and the benefits of hydrotherapy has led it to these proven medical facts:


• According to the Arthritis Foundation, hydro-massage and soothing warm water make the hydrotherapy bath an ideal environment for relieving pain and stiffness while improving range of motion in joints.

• According to The New England Journal of Medicine, stress interferes with the body’s immune system. Studies have found that hydrotherapy can play a major role in stress relief by providing relaxation, lowering blood pressure and even accelerating the flow of oxygen.

• According to the National Sleep Foundation, taking a bath a few hours before bedtime enhances sleep quality. Soaking in hot water eases the transition into deeper sleep. Adequate rest is imperative to the mind for clear thinking and quick reactions.


Every Jason bath incorporates the company’s Ergospatial™ Design to cradle your body in an optimally relaxed position, allowing joints and muscles to settle into their most relaxed or “loose pack” state. The company’s lumbar break and angled backrest are positioned to provide maximum comfort while minimizing pressure on any particular joint. Spacious bathing wells are the right depth for your body to enjoy maximum surface contact with the water while air and water jets are placed in anatomically strategic locations within the vessel for maximum comfort and hydro-massage effectiveness. Jason engineers work with consulting physical therapists to ensure that each Jason bath is designed with the ultimate benefit in mind.

Jason offers soaking tubs, Whirlpool baths, Air-Massage tubs, Micro-silk skin treatment baths and various combination setups. With free-standing, deck-mount and alcove options available in many different sizes, shapes and colors, Jason is sure to have a tub to fit your upcoming bathroom renovation or build.

Come see the luxury bath specialists at The Bathroom Store and see exactly what Jason has to offer to benefit your health and mood.

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