As is the case with most renovation and remodeling projects, when one buys a pre-finished hardwood floor, it needs to be accessorized.

Hawaii Hardwood Flooring brings more than 30 years of experience to every flooring project it takes on, and President Chris Brenna makes it a priority to offer customers a multitude of residential and commercial flooring options. As it continues to transition from the original Kalihi location to a new home down the road at 1727 Republican St., Hawaii Hardwood Flooring is offering up to 70 percent off a wide range of flooring products and accessories.


So, as the company moves into its new digs, customers can move some high-quality flooring upgrades into their homes and still have enough money left over to tackle other home improvement projects. Customers are shepherded through the pre-planning and consulting process by the friendly staff at Hawaii Hardwood Flooring. The skilled experts are also offering a Floor Refinishing Special, as home or business owners can refinish an existing flooring system for just $4.75 per square foot.

The company features three installation teams and three sanding and finishing teams that take the worry, stress and mess out of the installation process. Brenna explained that with each flooring project, certain accessories are needed to complete the overall look and feel of the upgrade.


“When you buy a new, pre-finished hardwood floor for your home, there are accessories needed to finish the job,” Brenna said. “In Hawaii, sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of the right molding for your floor, but we’re stocking them now. Hawaii Hardwood Flooring offers moldings for a variety of different floors. We have them in stock, and they can be used with any engineered floor.”


One of the more popular types of molding is the T-Molding, which are used to transition from wood to tile, and also in doorways where wood flooring is added to an existing wood floor style, or if there are directional changes in different rooms. It allows for different surfaces on the same level to be connected smoothly, and without exposing any cumbersome edges.

End caps, which are also referred to as square noses, are used for wood-to-carpet transitions and doorways, and also for sliding glass door-to-wood transitions. Baby thresholds and thresholds do the same thing, only they are usually wider and have more of a gradual slope from the raised surface to the lower one. Reducers are used in situations where the flooring style goes from wood to vinyl, wood to concrete, or wood to sliding glass door tracks that are lower than the floor — basically anything lower than the floor that’s being connected to. In this case, one needs to “step down” gradually, and this type of molding provides the appropriate transition.

Hawaii Hardwood Flooring also offers trim molding to go around walls, including quarter round, which provides a smooth, rounded edge at the point where floor meets wall, and baseboards which give some “bling and pop” when matching walls with a hardwood floor.


For more information, call 842-7755. To speak with Brenna directly about the best flooring options, call 306-3374.

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