Remodeling one’s kitchen or bathroom can be the perfect step necessary for making a dream home become reality.

However, the process of planning and waiting for those dreams to become reality, while also dealing with unexpected alterations and hiccups along the way, may actually create a house of horrors.


With more than 50 years of combined experience under their collective tool belt, Don Holcomb and Dan Holt merged their talents to form DH Squared Construction in 2007. In addition to specializing in custom home building and remodeling, DH Squared also produces unique and exquisite custom, made-to-order cabinets. The company is well-versed in the home renovation business and has some vital tips that are sure to help homeowners simplify the renovation process.

To start off, a homeowner should gather one’s thoughts, compiling a folder full of photos, concepts and ideas that are gleaned from television, magazines or Hawaii Renovation. This folder should also include current photos of the home and examples of existing spaces and design concepts already utilized so potential designers have a foundation on which to build.


Whether a homeowner is making changes to a bathroom, kitchen or both, DH Squared suggests making a list of “needs, wants and desires.” This list will solidify aspects of the remodeling job that are absolutely necessary, making them vital to the job’s success. It should include changes that are selected to add value, but do not necessarily need adjusting, and items that are desired, but may add more of a “wow” factor as opposed to simple functionality. Making such a list will aid in determining exactly what can and should be done based on a homeowner’s budget, and will cut out some of the stress involved with addressing specific needs, whether it be adding new cabinetry or fixtures.


After establishing one’s budget and selecting a qualified designer and contractor, homeowners must be prepared for the “chaos” that will ensue. While it may seem simple, some homeowners forget that during the remodeling process, there will be limitations to certain areas, so it is vital to establish alternative living areas within the home so life can go on. Before construction commences, work with the building team on blocking any openings with plastic barriers to prevent any dust and dirt from wafting into other areas of the home — a simple task that will save both money and headaches once the remodeling job is done.

Another important step that a homeowner should take during the process is to inspect new items from the time they enter the home until the installation is complete. For instance, if new cabinetry is ordered, the homeowner should make sure that the cabinet style and color is consistent with what they ordered. Then, once the cabinetry is put in place, they should ensure all doors and drawers open and function correctly, so problems can be addressed before signing off on the completed project. When it comes to cabinet design and construction, DH Squared is able to help with an efficient manufacturing process aided by some of the world’s finest technology.

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