Purchasing a photovoltaic (PV) system is a huge investment, but state and federal tax credits are available that can make it affordable. However, even with these tax benefits, other financial assistance may be needed.

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU) recently introduced a new solar photovoltaic loan special to make it easier for homeowners to go green and save. Here is what makes HCFCU’s PV loan different from the other PV loans out there:



You’ll get the best price for your PV system. Other lenders who offer extremely low or 0 percent loan rates often come at a cost to the solar contractor, who in turn passes these costs on to the consumer by increasing the overall cost of the PV system. With HCFCU’s PV loan, there are no hidden fees or mark-ups to both the consumer and solar contractor. Be sure to ask for “cash pricing.” You could easily save thousands of dollars.

Work with the solar contractor of your choice. It is important to work with a solar contractor you trust. HCFCU does not limit your choices and will work with your solar contractor.

Does not require the use of your home’s equity. HCFCU’s PV loan program is offered as an unsecured personal loan rather than a home equity line of credit. This allows you to free up the equity in your home for other improvements and uses.


No payments due for the first six months. With no payments for six months, you can enjoy the benefits of your new PV system immediately.

Quick responses and personal service. As a credit union, HCFCU is dedicated to providing the best service and knows the importance of a fast turnaround.

For more information about this PV loan special or any of the other loan products, call HCFCU’s Consumer Loan Department at 536-3677, visit 681 S. King St. or go online at www.hccu.info.


HCFCU is federally insured by NCUA. Certain restrictions apply. Interest will continue to accrue during the first six months of the loan. Please consult a tax advisor for tax credits and benefits.

contact // 536-3677
address // 681 S. King St.
web // www.hccu.info