Just when you thought the gift giving, indulgent eating of the holidays was over, Valentine’s Day pops right up. If you’re like me, you’d rather get a sentimental card and a good meal than a gift. Then again, I’m not necessarily your typical girl. While I can appreciate the beauty of a designer handbag, I’ve never understood the reasoning behind spending thousands on one. I’d rather have an item for the home that I’ll use every day and even get a return on investment for in the future.

We all know that the biggest returns come from the kitchen. But what you may not know may surprise you. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your significant other, here are five kitchen solutions you never knew you needed:

1. Pull-down shelving. If you are short like me, or if you just want to maximize your space, consider this option and get rid of your step stool. This shelving pulls hard-to-reach items down and out from the cabinet, allowing you to reach them with ease.

2. Garbage disposal air switch. Why switch your switch? Safety. Because it uses a puff of air to turn on the disposal, the air switch eliminates the chance for electric shock that traditional wall switches pose.

Plus, it is usually mounted directly into the countertop near the sink, so you won’t have to worry about leaning over to turn on the disposal.

3. Dishwasher drawer. If you have a small household or run your dishwasher infrequently, this scaled-down appliance is for you. It takes up less space than its traditional counterpart and allows you to run half-loads without wasting precious resources.

4. Pot-filler faucet. This is one your back will thank you for. A filled pot of water can weigh up to 20 pounds, and this faucet will eliminate the need to lug it from the sink to the stove. It also frees up the kitchen sink, allowing you to multitask.

5. Elevator oven. Say goodbye to burns from the side of your oven. This wall-mounted oven’s bottom drops down to counter-height, allowing you to access it from multiple sides. It lifts back up with the touch of a button and even doubles as a cook top when left in the down position.

When shopping for your home, keep in mind that the best products provide function and style that you can appreciate every day.