For those of you who did not get a chance to install your photovoltaic (PV) system in 2012, EnergyPro Hawaii hopes that you will choose to do so this year. We are currently promoting the best PV loan in town, which features 0 percent interest charges for the first 24 months and a fixed APR of 5.99 percent for the remainder of the 10-year term. There are no early payment charges, and payments are affordable because they allow people to take advantage of tax credits over an extended period of time. The loan program even rewards Hawaiian Miles members with 10,000 miles.

Beyond this loan program, there has been much confusion with the solar tax credit “changes” that have been put in place as of the new year. These changes are being challenged by the Sierra Club in court, basically because the tax department altered its interpretation of the solar credit after the Legislature opted not to make any modifications last year.



There is hope that the Legislature will now clarify or modify the existing rules to make it easier to follow, without eliminating its intended benefits for the consumer and the state. The existing changes sound drastic, but even if they remain in effect, they don’t affect small, single systems at all and their effect on larger systems is minimal.

For medium-sized systems, there are options available, such as splitting the installation up into separate calendar years, as the current tax credit limits are annual limits.

EnergyPro Hawaii is an active member of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) and it strives to provide the best information so that its customers can make the best choices for their energy solutions.


The company’s system monitoring allows customers to keep an eye on their current and past PV production, emails them monthly production reports and even notifies clients in the event of a problem. EnergyPro also offers service and repair of existing solar systems, and maintenance contracts are available for those who don’t want to worry about cleaning, maintaining or repairing their system.

Even if you have not purchased your system from EnergyPro Hawaii, the company is available for service. It is locally owned and operated, has been in business since 1994, and offers plumbing, electrical and renovation services in addition to energy solutions. EnergyPro Hawaii will be around for years to help with warranty or service issues, even if the solar industry slows down and shrinks.


The company is pleased to announce the re-launch of its website, Visit it to see many of EnergyPro Hawaii’s services and products. From solar electric to water heating solutions, see how EnergyPro can help transform your home into a “green” one.


For further questions, or to schedule a free consultation and estimate for any of its services or products, call EnergyPro Hawaii today at 596-2890.

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