Some homes have too much shading, others may have roofs that face the wrong direction. But for homes that fit certain criteria, installing a PV system is a really good idea.

RevoluSun understands that every home is unique, just like the family that lives in it. This understanding is at the core of how the company approaches each customer when helping them with their solar system needs. It is RevoluSun’s goal to do “what’s best for the homeowner” every time. The company does this in three ways:

Quality workmanship


RevoluSun installers are separated into two teams — roofing and electrical — all with at least 450 hours of training before they step foot onto your property. In fact, the company even has roofers with sub-specialties in roof-type. So if you have a tile roof, you will get a roofer who is specifically trained to work on tile. In addition to having a highly trained professional workforce of more than 100 men and women who have completed thousands of PV projects, RevoluSun employs NABCEP-certified workers.


Variety of products

A solar company that only offers one type of solar panel does not have the tools to effectively address each home’s unique requirements. Limiting the offering to one type of solar panel may be good for the company’s bottom line, but not for the homeowner’s.

RevoluSun chooses to work with a number of providers, offering the most efficient and cost-effective components from proven manufacturing partners. From the smallest bolt to the largest array assembly, it aims to exceed industry standards with every installation.

Variety of financing


Moving forward with a solar system is a big deal. Whether you are going to purchase the system or lease it, it’s a decision that will affect your finances for decades to come. The company doesn’t “push” one way or the other. It listens to homeowners and learns what works best for their needs. RevoluSun offers the best solution for its customer.

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