Turn Your Bath Into an Oasis With a Refinished Tub, Sink

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: BathInterior
January 20, 2013


Do you miss soaking in a bubble bath at the end of a long day because your bathtub is old and stained? Why not consider refinishing it?

Al’s Bathtub Refinishing has more than 20 years of experience providing tub and countertop refinishing services, and it uses that expertise to fix damaged bathtubs, vanities, sinks, showers, tiles and countertops. Your bathtub will shine once Al’s Bathtub is done with it.

Many customers resurface their bathtubs to change the color. However, the majority of homeowners resurface them because they have lost their original finish. The result is a bathtub that is dull and difficult to clean.

Over the years, continuous cleaning and water flowing over the tub surface wears away at the original finish and the tub becomes porous. As a result, dirt, grime and hard water stains get trapped inside the tub’s pores. Then you have to use abrasive cleaners and a lot of scrubbing just to clean it. As you can imagine, this only wears the finish further.



Al’s Bathtub can make for your overall remodeling plan will save you a lot of unnecessary costs, allowing you to upgrade other areas. Why wait weeks to replace your tub when you can modernize the whole bathroom with a refinished tub in only a few hours?

Here are some reasons why bathtub refinishing is better than a replacement:

• It is less expensive than replacing your tub • The process only takes one day • No permits or licenses required • No need to remove walls to get the tub out • You won’t need to remove or replace moldings and floor coverings • No tile damage that often occurs when removing a tub Al’s Bathtub Refinishing can refinish and repair a variety of surfaces. These include bathtubs (any type), wall and countertop tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower floors, fiber-glass and cultured marble. The company’s services can help Realtors, homeowners, home stagers and contractors. Hotels also may benefit from refinishing.

Call Al’s Bathtub Refinishing at 679-8297, or visit the company online at alsbathtubrefinishing.net or alsbathtubrefinig@gmail.com.

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