Some say New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. But here’s one that you can keep all year long. Resolve to get rid of the streaks, calcium deposits, discoloration and stains on windows and bathroom shower doors, bathroom fixtures and marble and granite counters.

This could possibly be the easiest resolution you have ever made, thanks to a local company, Nano Tek-On. Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On, is the expert on cleaning and maintaining such surfaces. He explains that glass and natural stone are really not solid surfaces, but have microscopic pores that act like sponges soaking up water, grime, soap scum, mildew, bacteria, salts, oils, calcium deposits and more. And, if you don’t believe that, take a close look at your glass shower door. The more minerals that are absorbed, the bigger the buildup and the more difficult it is to remove.


The same thing happens inside of the pipes in your home. You can’t see it, but it adds to the buildup that you can see, especially on shower doors and in appliances that use water. Limescale and calcium deposits clog plumbing, which decreases water flow and wastes water. They corrode water-using appliances including hot-water heaters and dishwashers, and the calcium deposits spot shower doors as well as kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Remember how shiny and clear your shower doors used to be? Von Sydow can help you get it looking new again, and he can help you make sure it stays that way.

The pros at Nano Tek-On remove corrosion and limescale with a little unit called HydroFlow. Through the science of nanotechnology, HydroFlow attaches to the outside of your plumbing (no cutting of pipes), then it goes to work to rid the pipes of corrosion and limescale. HydroFlow is silent, doesn’t change the taste of your water and is environmentally safe, just like all the products Nano Tek-On uses to clean and seal glass, granite and concrete surfaces to protect them from being attacked again by contaminants.

You see, the same thing that happens inside the pipes in your house also happens to your windows and walkways. It is part of life in Hawaii because the salt-filled ocean air deposits minerals on exposed windows and other porous surfaces. The mineral buildup causes stains, spots and streaks. Once Nano Tek-On cleans the buildup on the surfaces, they can seal the glass or stone with an invisible sealant to make them non-porous. The surfaces will then repel contaminants. And all you need to fulfill your New Year’s resolution is plain water to wipe the surfaces down.


To learn more about how you can resolve to attack corrosion, limescale and calcium deposits, call 395-2996 or visit Nano Tek-On specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-cleaning surfaces. Nano Tek-On is the exclusive home of HydroFlow in Hawaii.

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