Some people say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Unfortunately, for many homeowners in Hawaii, this is exactly what they want to do because of the heat and lack of ventilation. The small, confined kitchens that many Island homes were built with often ruin the enjoyment of cooking. One local family from Kailua turned to CS Design Builders for help.

“When we’re cooking for the family, the kitchen is about 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house!” the Brogans told CS Design Builders during their free initial measure and estimate. Even worse, poor planning on the part of the original home-builder placed the appliances and cabinetry in odd places, often causing family members to bump into each other while trying to move around in the kitchen at the same time. The oddly placed appliances and cabinets also wasted useful countertop space. CS Design Builders took all of these problems into consideration during their free computer design session with the Brogans during for their kitchen renovation.


After their renovation was finished, visitors to their home were amazed at the transformation. The difference was so dramatic that many of their friends thought the Brogans had expanded the kitchen by several feet in each direction.

The family’s new kitchen is an expansive space integrated into the rest of the home by removing walls and opening up the room, not only creating a beautiful continuous room, but also eliminating their overheating problem and making the kitchen more ergonomic and functional. Gorgeous granite countertops compliment the stainless steel appliances, and the new hood keeps the kitchen air fresh, even while cooking. With their new kitchen opened up into the rest of the home, the family members are now more engaged with one another and are able to move around easily.

“Sometimes, you need to open up space to bring a family closer together,” a family member said. It’s ironic, but true.

CS Design Builders is Hawaii’s one-stop shop for all of your home renovation needs. The company eliminates the headache of working with multiple contractors, designers and vendors by working with you as a single point of contact and accountability to ensure your entire renovation is handled smoothly and efficiently, delivering superior workmanship on-time and on-budget.


The Brogans love their new kitchen, a dream come true. Isn’t it time you made your own dream kitchen come true?

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