You can put your organizational skills and great work ethic to good use by turning any nook at home into a functional workspace

In 2012, I made the resolution to attend at least two shows and go sailing. I exceeded my goals by attending three and sailing twice. The year before, I resolved to take at least 10 pictures per week and averaged 15 to 20. I guess I have a tendency to set goals I can surpass.

Resolutions always work best when they are attainable. For me, this means they often come with a number. This year, I’m going to start with my workspace. As a graduate student and a writer, I spend most of my time here, so it’s not a bad place to start.


The good news about a home workspace is that you don’t need an entire room to have one. You can set up a workstation in the kitchen or even in the nook of your living room.

Determine the size and type of desk you’ll need. Mine is a small space in the corner of the room, so I’ve opted for a corner desk with multiple shelves stacked vertically. Tables also substitute as great desks. Just make sure there is enough space above and below for any necessary items like a filing cabinet.


After this, create a filing system. For years, I’ve depended on a couple of filing boxes from Ikea. This year, I’m resolving to change it up. The boxes are stuffed to the brim and starting to fall apart. Now, I’m on the hunt for a good, sturdy cabinet and some cute filing folders. No one said your filing system had to be bland. This is also a good time to sort through your files and decide which to keep, which to shred and which to toss in the recycling bin.


Think about what you’ll be doing at your workstation. Will you be there for hours at a time? If so, you’ll need a comfortable chair. Make sure the height is low enough that you can move your legs comfortably without hitting your knees on the desk.

With comfort in mind, add some pleasing elements. Warm lighting is easy on the eyes and can help with fatigue. A decorative lamp can do the trick. Add some personal touches, too, such as a framed family photo. Bring in a plant and some pops of your favorite colors to top it off.

Remember, a good home workstation will help keep you organized and also blend into your home.