More homeowners are turning to value-driven renovation projects that will spruce up their space and withstand the test of time.

Replacing outdoor siding is the home improvement site’s No. 1 pick for projects that add value to your home, according to Refreshing your outdoor siding not only adds curb appeal but overall home value.


For Chicago-based architect Dirk Danker, principal at Nagle Hartray Architecture, one of the most popular siding applications on a single-family home is wood. Its timeless versatility as a total siding strategy or use as an accent that sharpens up the front of a home makes it a smart, durable choice in any climate.


“We like it for its natural color, longevity and workability,” said Danker. “It provides a maintenance-free structure.”

In addition to using materials that are easy to install, homeowners tend to choose traditionally popular materials to maintain a home’s appeal through years of evolving trends. The stylish texture and rustic-colored warmth of Western Red Cedar siding gives any home a natural beauty while enhancing front yard curb appeal.


Replacing the siding on a home can be done strategically to maximize value and accommodate all budgets. Creating an accent wall or using wood as a complement that warms up other materials can make a project affordable while still boosting the bottom line.

Wood siding comes in many different patterns and grades, such as bevel, board and batten, channel, and tongue and groove, to match a home’s style and budget. Stains and other finishes will help preserve the wood and keep it looking nice for years to come. Danker recommends pre-finishing siding onsite before it is installed.

“We have finished cedar siding with both transparent coatings and semi-transparent stains,” Danker said. “Transparent coats look great because it highlights the natural look of the cedar siding.”


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.