As the new year approaches, homeowners are reminded to be proactive when it comes to an often overlooked feature of their structure — the roof.

“Roofing is something you never think about until it becomes a problem,” said Clinton Murakami, owner of Murakami’s Roofing. “It’s a good New Year’s resolution to take care of your roof.”


Murakami’s Roofing has been assisting Hawaii’s homeowners for more than 35 years as Clinton now heads the family business after learning the ropes under the tutelage of his father, Clifford. The second generation roofer recommends that homeowners take action to inspect and identify potential problems with their rooftops before they become troublesome and expensive to remedy.

Murakami suggests looking at your ceiling to identify any spotting or discoloration, which could be a result of leaks within the roofing system. While walking around your yard, Murakami recommends looking for small pieces of shingles that may have deteriorated and fallen from the roof. Also, keep an eye out for any warping, buckling or other blemishes that may stem from pests and termites eating away at the structure, or even water damage.


After noticing any problems that require attention, the staff at Murakami’s Roofing is ready and able to assist with a free consultation, during which customers can choose from a variety of options best suited to meet their budget and needs. Murakami’s offers a host of roofing applications, including asphalt shingles that provide cost-effective, durable coverage and metal roofing designed to withstand various conditions present in the Islands. The company also features roll roofing for low-slope roofs with the goal of preventing moisture accumulation and can apply roof cooling materials, such as reflective elastomeric roof coatings, which reduce surface temperatures and help to keep the inside of a home cool.


“We try hard to give good customer service, and it’s our service that sets us apart from our competitors,” said Murakami, who hopes to pass on the business to his son in the coming years and make it a third-generation company. “We all sell the same roofing products, but it all comes down to customer service. I have a lot of customers that used to be my dad’s, and God-willing, they will be my son’s customers, too.”

Just in time to address those New Year’s roofing resolutions, when customers purchase a complete re-roofing package through Murakami’s Roofing, the homeowner will receive one of two available bonus accessories. Customers may choose between a complimentary 50 feet of seamless aluminum rain gutters or a free 20-watt natural light solar attic fan, which helps to circulate the air within and cool the home.

“When you pick up the phone and need help, we’re there for you,” said Murakami.

contact // 348-8270
address // 46-152 Nahiku Place