Sometimes a view from across the street will give you a better vantage point to see missing shingles, rusty gutters or stains indicating that a roof’s protective qualities and water-tightness have been compromised.

Oftentimes, a roof needing repair is obvious — other times you need an experienced eye. Call Murakami’s Roofing at 348-8270 for a free inspection and estimate.


One of Murakami’s crew members will thoroughly inspect your roof from the inside out, and give you an honest recommendation on whether you should re-roof, repair or don’t need any work. It’s like having family in the business.

Just like family, Murakami’s crew will stand by its work through good times and bad, and it offers free lifetime annual inspections to make sure your roof remains in tip-top condition.

It’s just part of Murakami’s Roofing Customer Promise that each staff member renews his or her commitment every day to build strong, sturdy roofs to protect the families inside. Company leader Clinton Murakami has been in the roofing business for more than 25 years, and as the son of founder Clifford Murakami, he shares the skills that were passed down by his father with his crew.



Another thing that sets Murakami’s crew members apart is their willingness to go the extra mile to make sure customers understand their options. They even help plan for the future. If you are thinking of staying in your home and passing it down to your kids, you might choose a different roofing option than if you were to sell your home and want to repair it to make it more attractive. After all, planning for your family’s future and maintaining your roof is just the right thing to do.

Additionally, some things in life are still free — like 50 linear feet of gutters when you do a complete re-roof project with Murakami’s Roofing. Don’t forget the roof inspection is free, too. Murakami’s Roofing, building confidence into every roof.


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