When the safety of your home and family depends on the quality of the company you select, you want a company that will stand behind its work, a company that will be there long after the job is done and a company you can trust. That company is American Electric, which has a dedicated and highly specialized team to design and deliver the most effective and efficient alternative energy systems available, customized specifically to meet your needs.

American Electric takes a proactive approach to alternative energy by maintaining advanced training in the latest clean-technology solutions. With more than 200 employees statewide, its team provides alternative energy solutions to homeowners, businesses, non-profits and government agencies each and every day.


Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunny weather, and those of us who live here are fortunate to have access to some of the greatest solar energy in the nation. In fact, the solar energy available every day in Hawaii is far greater than the national average.

Purchasing a solar system for your home or business gives you peace of mind, generates clean energy, lowers your electric costs and adds value to your property.


With generous financial incentives, now is the perfect time to explore solar-energy alternatives.


When you select your solar contractor, be sure to select a licensed and qualified contractor who has been around for a number of years, and one you know will be here to service the full life of your solar warranty. Selecting the right contractor is key to getting the most productive system, the best warranty and the safest installation possible for your home.

When installing a photovoltaic system, it’s important to make sure the current wiring of your home is safe. American Electric offers services such as Electrical Hazard Detection (EHD), which tests faulty or vulnerable outlets or wiring throughout your entire house. This service can be packaged with a PV system or done on its own, just to ensure your family’s safety.

American Electric is a superior electrical contractor and alternative energy service provider with a range of experience unmatched throughout Hawaii.


From power plant to photovoltaics, high voltage to high speed data, hospital to high rise, refinery to residence, American Electric has been providing superior service and peace of mind for kamaaina since 1946.

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